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About us

the sage - Mindful living. 100% vegan.

the sage is an online shop & community for vegan lifestyle products and a mindful lifestyle. We strive for a world free of animal suffering and waste:

For ourselves, the future of our planet and of course for the animals.

at the sage you will only find 100% vegan products, everyday aids for the zero waste lifestyle and pick-me-ups for the soul.


We attach great importance to the naturalness of the products and try to offer a zero waste solution whenever possible.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to do without plastic completely (even if we would of course like it very much), so everything that is possible and hygienic is recycled. True to the motto:


We can quickly forget ourselves in everyday life between work, housework and social obligations. It is extremely important to take a deep breath and take a short break.

Be it a meditation, a walk in the forest or eating a piece of chocolate cake with full attention.

To live your life properly and not to let it pass you by, to enjoy it and, if necessary, to steer it in a different direction. For this, the sage offers little help or: pick-me-ups for the soul.

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A few years ago I became vegan, which changed a lot in my life. In a positive way of course ;)
the sage has crystallized through my own life circumstances and includes exactly what is important to me in my private life: veganism, zero waste & mindful living.

These values are reflected in all products and I hope I can have a positive influence on my fellow human beings and simplify their own lives and save a long research.
the sage is a heart project, there is a lot of love in it ;)

So you'll find a smorgasbord of my favorite products here.

Cordially, Manu

A little insight.

Our warehouse is located in Thurgau on Lake Constance, in the heart of Romanshorn.

All photographs are taken in our own studio and the parcels are carefully assembled by hand.


It all started in 2019 in a spare room in my apartment


In the beginning, I brought all the packages to the post office by bike.


The apartment soon became too small.

Not only does the new warehouse have room for more products, more boxes can also be recycled.


We pay attention to sustainability everywhere; also for photo projects.

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