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the sage is a platform for vegan lifestyle products and a conscious lifestyle. We strive for a world free from animal suffering and waste:

For ourselves, the future of our planet and, of course, for the animals.

At the sage, you'll only find 100% vegan products, everyday tools for your Zero Waste Lifestyle, and a mindful living.


We value the naturalness of the products and try to offer a Zero Waste solution whenever possible.


Unfortunately, it isn't always possible without plastic, therefore everything that is possible and hygienic is recycled. True to the motto:

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.


We can quickly forget ourselves in everyday life between work, housework and social obligations. It is extremely important to take a deep breath and take a little break.

Be it a meditation, a walk in the woods or eating a piece of chocolate cake with full attention.


To live your life properly and not to watch it passing by, to enjoy it and if necessary to steer in a different direction. the sage offers little tools to let you and your soul thrive.



A few years ago I became vegan, which has changed a lot in my life.

Of course in a positive way :)
the sage has crystallized through my own life circumstances and contains exactly what is important to my private life: veganism, zero waste and mindful living.

These values are reflected in all products and I hope I can have a positive impact on my fellow human beings and simplify their own lives & save them long researches.

So here you find a collection of my favorite products.

the sage is a project of the heart, so there is a lot of love in it: all the photographs are made in our own studio in Romanshorn at Lake Constance and the packages are carefully assembled by hand.


Much love, Manu



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