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You can find a small assortment of our products at the following locations:

St. Gallen


Avisha Antunez , Metzgergasse 23, 9000 St.Gallen

Shop-in-shop concept store with a permanent offer from the sage


Ganz ohni , Engelgasse 8, 9000 St.Gallen

In the range *: tongue cleaner, loofah kitchen sponges, paper tape



Schloss Herdern, Genuss Handwerk, 8535 Herdern

Available*: Produce bags S,M,L

biosfair, Bahnhofstrasse 4, 8570 Weinfelden

Available*: Luffa kitchen sponge, Luffa discs, Luffa body sponge, products from A Good

PLANeT ONE, Schlossgasse 4, 9320 Arbon
Available*: Luffa kitchen sponge, Luffa discs, Luffa body sponge, Produce bags S,M,L, paper tape, sponge cloths, tongue cleaners, straw cleaning brush, storage bag for cutlery & drinking straws

Emma's Lebensmittel, Kirchgasse 17 9220 Bischofszell
Available*: Luffa kitchen sponge, straw cleaning brush, paper tape, products from A Good



oba aba, ZeroWaste Laden, Paradiesgasse 8, 7000 Chur

Available*: Cleaning brush for drinking straws



uncompacted - ohni - Thun , Schulstrasse 10, 3604 Thun

In the range *: Luffa kitchen sponges, shopping nets S, M, L, copper tongue cleaner, straw cleaning brush

* We cannot guarantee that our products are in stock at the respective location and we do not guarantee that the range of our dealers is up to date.

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