Being vegan means not to consume, carry or use any animal products. So do not eat meat, fish, eggs, milk & honey or wear or use wool, leather, silk & beeswax.
In short, do not harm or exploit an animal.

You can be vegan for many reasons, because a purely plantbased diet is not only extremely healthy, it is also the diet with the smallest ecological footprint.
An average vegan needs about 8 times less land to eat than an average meat eater and 0.5 times less than an average vegetarian.

A vegan lifestyle not only helps the animals, but also the environment and your health. So a win - win in all aspects :)

If you have any questions, we are always happy to provide information.

vegane Gesellschaft Schweiz

the sage supports the "vegane Gesellschaft Schweiz".

Our vegan guidelines

the sage is a completely vegan and cruelty-free company. All of our products are selected so that they do not contain any animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals.


However, since our world is very complex, we have to set limits; If you look into the smallest detail, no product is 100% vegan. May it be the earth that was mixed with horn shavings as fertilizer, be it the employee who does not live vegan, the machine that runs with a leather belt or the adhesive tape that was used for transport.


Our goal is to work as transparently as possible and that's why we want to show where we set these limits.

Our products have either been certified with an official vegan label or have been checked by us according to the following guidelines:


  • The final products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. So also no silk, no wool, no beeswax, no honey, no feathers, no real carmine, etc.

  • The final products have not been tested on animals

  • The final products were not made directly by animal means. No animal gelatine was used for filtering, for example.

We exclude the packaging from this process (official vegan certifications do this as well). Obvious animal packaging made of beeswax or fish scraps, for example, won't be added to our assortment.

You can find the information of what the packaging is made of in each product description. If it is known that the packaging is 100% vegan, this will be noted.

Since we also work with very small companies and manufacturers, we cannot always say 100% what the printing ink or the glue of the packaging is made of. But we try to find out as much as possible and aim to find a vegan solution with the manufacturers.


We adhere to these guidelines for all products and only add products to our range with a clear conscience.

We pass these guidelines on to the manufacturers and trust the accuracy of their information.


If you have any questions about our guidelines or comments, we are always ready to listen.

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